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About Wheels | Private Rentals

Wheels is your all-in-one bike subscription offering connected smart e-vehicles at a fixed monthly price, delivered straight to your doorstep.
Enjoy all the perks of owning a private vehicle, minus the headaches. We offer a fully integrated app experience that allows you to:

• Unlock your vehicle and start your ride with a simple tap in the app.

• Keep an eye on battery levels, speed, and other stats.

• Track your bike at any moment with the built-in GPS.

• Share vehicle access remotely with your friends and family.

• Connect with the Wheels team for any vehicle or tech-related queries.

And if anything should come up, we’re right there for you.
Maintenance needed? We provide same-day repairs or replacements.
Worried about safety? Our vehicles are equipped with GPS tracking and cable locks. Two Wheels, Zero Worries: Welcome to the Effortless Bike Life
We Handle the Fuss, You Feel the Breeze.

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