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About Fireblocks

Fireblocks is the premier, end-to-end platform for crypto, web3, and digital asset businesses. Use the Fireblocks Mobile app to authorize operations initiated from your Fireblocks web console.

Prior to using the app, you must be a Fireblocks customer.

Fireblocks Mobile for iOS allows you to:
Sign transactions
Approve transactions prior to signing them, for users with an Approver role
Initiate DeFi application access
Approve new whitelisted addresses
Link a new business connection via the Fireblocks Network
Add or remove users from the workspace
Perform other operations

The Fireblocks Mobile app holds one crypto key share, while the remaining key shares are part of the Fireblocks SaaS, providing a secure MPC mechanism to hold and transfer digital assets. Operations are initiated from the Fireblocks web console, and then a push notification is sent for approval using the Fireblocks Mobile app.

Security is guaranteed through Fireblocks MPC-CMP technology, built-in device security, and a strong authentication mechanism: FaceID, TouchID, or an NFC-enabled device, selected by the user.

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