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About Queenly: Buy and Sell Dresses

Shop showstopping dresses for a fraction of the price sold directly from queens like you. Brand new or lightly used, Queenly brings you an extensive selection of dresses perfect for any event, size, and silhouette. Make space in your closet by selling those dresses you've only worn once on Queenly’s easy-to-use resale platform.

With our infinite collection of dresses and formal clothing, you’re sure to find something that fits your style. Whether it’s a pageant, prom, homecoming, gala, military ball, graduation, or wedding - the perfect dress is waiting for you on Queenly!

Queenly provides a premium, white-glove experience and impeccable service from start to finish. From quality authentication assurance to dry cleaning, packaging and shipping, we have you covered.

We’re on a mission to innovate the formalwear industry by placing sustainability and inclusivity at our forefront, and aim to foster a community of women that uplifts one another to look and feel like a queen on their special occasion.

Shop the perfect gown for your next occasion or sell those knockout, pre-worn dresses to other queens on Queenly today.


- Queenly offers the largest selection of pre-loved dresses in the formalwear marketplace.
- Shop from our extensive collection to meet your style and budget.
- Find the perfect fit among thousands of boutique and resale dresses available on Queenly.

- Buying second-hand can be risky, that’s why every dress goes through an extensive quality check.
- We verify all sellers and authenticate all dresses sold on our platform.
- We process secured payments through Stripe, PayPal and Apple Pay, so you know your money is safe!

- Sellers: We take care of quality authentication, dry cleaning, packaging and shipping.
- Packaging labels are prepaid, meaning less work for you when shipping your dresses.
- Resell dresses purchased on Queenly with just one click.

- No need to visit a store. Queenly brings you collections for all occasions in one app.
- Easy browsing with our integrated technology, creating personalized feeds with dresses we think you’ll love.
- Buy the dress of your dreams in just a few taps with easy navigation and multiple payment options.

- Searching for that elusive dress you’ve been trying to get your hands on is 100x easier.
- Shop from thousands of wardrobes that may have the dress you’re looking for!
- Visual search engine coming soon to let you upload a photo of any dress and we’ll find it for you.

- No more wearing dresses once and letting them go to waste.
- We promote a more sustainable way of buying dresses to help shrink the fashion carbon footprint.
- Queenly gives dresses new life and eliminates wasteful wardrobe habits.

Download the Queenly app today and sign up in seconds! You’re one step closer to your dream dress!

Questions or feedback about the app? Email us at info@queenly.com

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