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Toggled iQ: Lighting Optimized

5.0 out of 5

About Toggled iQ: Lighting Optimized

Toggled iQ is the most advanced, intuitive and simple-to-use smart lighting system on the market today.

This app contains all the necessary tools to seamlessly guide you through the initial set-up process and adjustment phases, and provides the ability to upgrade your system to incorporate back-end smart building controls.

Toggled iQ eliminates costs associated with hard-wiring by providing advanced wireless control over a powerful Bluetooth Low Energy mesh network. This architecture also makes it incredibly simple to add additional devices over time, as you grow your buildings intelligent lighting zones.

Designed with end-user functionality and overall customer satisfaction at its core, toggled iQ system is intuitive and easily navigated. Dim entire areas, switch on/off, group zones, and set scenes all with the push of a button.

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