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About Chevron

Use the Chevron app to pay for fuel from the comfort of your driver’s seat for a fast and simple experience at the pump! Now, receive additional benefits by signing up for the newest and exciting Chevron Texaco Rewards (CTR) program that rewards members up to 50¢ off per gallon by earning points on fuel and qualifying in-store purchases. Check the station finder to find a participating Chevron or Texaco station near you by filtering “Chevron Rewards”!

How to use the Chevron app:
• Before heading to the station, sign up and create a user account for mobile payments and link your preferred payment method to your user account.
• At the station, use the app on your phone to reserve the pump and select your payment method from your driver’s seat
• When prompted, fill up at the pump and go. Your receipt will be waiting for you on your phone!

How CTR works:
• Sign up via the app
• Fuel up with the app at the pump
• Redeem rewards for fuel discounts. Earn points with every purchase for up to 50¢ off per gallon

Easy ways to stay connected:
• Connect the app to your car’s dashboard to find stations, redeem CTR rewards, add carwash, and pay for fuel. Feature is available for CarPlay users.
• Use your smart watch to fuel up at stations and redeem your CTR points that accept mobile payments.

Additional features to help keep you going:
• Find lower carbon products like renewable diesel blend and compressed natural gas
• Filter through station amenities such as Car Wash, Amazon Lockers, EV Charging and more
• View in-app receipts for Mobile Payments
• Provide feedback for a station or service

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