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Crafty Lands

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4.4 out of 5

About Crafty Lands

Build new worlds with blocks and explore a universe of free creation!

Create as your imagination dictates and discover new universes filled with epic builds and fun characters! Travel through amazing worlds and shape them however you want!

Live exciting adventures as you explore and discover new places in open worlds. Immerse yourself in a new universe of creation and build your own adventures and stories!

Choose the blocks, enjoy the construction tools and craft whatever you want: Houses, castles, fortresses, villages and even an entire city! Crafty Lands has no limits to your imagination.

- Explore vast worlds filled with epic buildings!
- Fly freely through the scenarios! Get to the top of any building!
- Craft and build EVERYTHING!
- House, castle, village or an entire city: here you can build whatever you want.
- Discover and interact with all the characters!
- Create your own adventure as you explore.
- Various possibilities and different blocks for you to build as you wish.
- Use your skill with various tools!

An entire universe of crafting and building with blocks, within vast and unique worlds!

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