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Mini Golf 100+ (Putt Putt)

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4.6 out of 5

About Mini Golf 100+ (Putt Putt)

Courses are filled with interesting gimmicks.
Find shortcuts that bring you ever closer to the shortest possible path to the hole.

The game currently offers 700 levels for aspiring players.
Future updates will increase that number even more!
This app has plenty of content to offer.

The game itself is free-to-play.
Come on, the green is calling you!

---- Features ----
- Beautiful 3D backgrounds
- Simple drag-and-release controls
- Have a mulligan! Use tickets to redo your shots
- Collect tons of tickets without the need for in-app purchases
- The first 100 levels are perfect for beginners
- Levels get harder from 101 onward—and are well worth the effort
- Open treasure chests on the course to get new balls!
- You can change your balls (each of which offers different physical behavior).
- Get three missions to play every day.
They aren't easy, but you can earn rewards for your troubles!
- Aim for the top spot on the leaderboard!
- Tournaments are held every day, giving you a steady stream of new courses to play on.
You can still play these courses even after a tournament ends.
- Earn tickets by completing achievements.

---- Hints ----
Courses are designed to let you earn three stars
using the normal golf ball (the ball you start with).
Of course, there are many cases where changing
your ball will make a course easier to get through.
Changing balls is essential to finding the shortest paths to a hole.

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