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About Waveback

Quickly create and view activity-related posts, from playing basketball to starting a photography club. Whether you’re looking for one more person or trying to organize a party, we’ve got features that make it easier than ever to plan an activity and find people to enjoy it with!

Waveback's features include:
-A request system, where users request to join an activity and if the host approves everything’s good to go
-A system to easily manage your guest list for activities involving large groups, like parties
-An explore page, to see what your friends are posting and to see what posts have been made near you
-A category page to search for posts by category
-Group chats to coordinate group activities (and one on one chats too!)

Waveback is all about finding your next friend group and discovering new hobbies, so get waving!

The categories of activities include:
Sports & Fitness
Movies & TV
Clubs & Hobbies (i.e. bookclubs)
Fun & Games
Coffee & Chats
Events & Live Performances
Travel & Sightseeing

If you have any questions or any ideas you’d like to share, contact us at: support@waveback.io

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