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About Schwab Network

A unique lineup of financial news and education programs, all available to stream without a subscription. Watch industry experts track market action and interpret how it may apply to your investment portfolio. Get real-time insights, commentary, and exclusive access to CEOs, analysts, and market experts. Live stream all market day, or catch up with clips available on-demand. Empowering Every Investor and Trader. Every Market Day.


-Real-time analysis from industry specialists
-Exclusive access to CEO interviews and market experts
-Live broadcasts from exchange floors such as Nasdaq and CBOE
-In-depth tutorials
-Coverage of all investment products including mutual funds, bonds, stocks/equities, options, futures, forex, ETFs, and more
-Strategy education
-Interpretation of stock and index charts using technical analysis
-Evaluation of companies’ intrinsic values via fundamental analysis


“Morning Trade Live”. Kick off the trading day with a unique blend of live market commentary, opening bell activity, and other real-time news. Guests and contributors offer up insights and break down the markets from multiple angles.

“Fast Market”. Veteran traders break down the market giving viewers in-depth insights on how to interpret current market activity. Technical market specialists and outside guests, including analysts, join the program for their take on markets, sectors, stocks, bonds, and commodities.

“The Watch List with Nicole Petallides”. Investors are provided with a midday look at the most relevant stocks, sectors and commodities. Petallides hosts a panel of experts ranging from industry-leading CEOs, analysts and Wall Street influencers to discuss pressing topics moving the market in real-time.

“Futures”. Begin the morning with a pre-market rundown of the latest developments in the futures markets live, using charts and technical analysis to break down commodities trading and explore trading trends.

“Market On Close”. Wrap up your trading day with a recap of the day’s top stories and market movers.

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