1.8 out of 5


The fantastic online crane game, TOKYO CLAW MACHINE!
- Rare Japanese character items are waiting for you!
- Guaranteed! 100% getting prizes if you play certain times!
- Free delivery from Japan to your home!
- Install now and you will get 5 free turns!

■ What is the TOKYO CLAW MACHINE? ■
TOKYO CLAW MACHINE is the online crane game to get prizes by using real online claw machines.
There are various prizes which gamer green or toreba don't have, such as Japanese core fans’ unpacked second-hand prizes, new prizes only for the crane game, accessories and sweets.
We prepared the largest item numbers by using dummies, not the real prizes in the crane game.
The number of play limit is set for each prize. If you reach the limit, you can get the prize for sure.
There are several ways of playing the game. Choose the way of playing you want and get prizes.
You can order to deliver the prizes you got free of charge by using a delivery free ticket.

■ How to Play ■
1. Use a sort function or a keyword search to find your favorite prize to play the crane game!
2. Select a prize and decide how to play!
3. Move a crane with buttons while watching the crane on a video screen.
4. Enjoy the game to win your prize! You failed? Don’t be sad! You can still get the prize if you have reached your limit for the number of plays for the prize!
5. After you get a prize, the prize will be delivered to your home! If you use a delivery free ticket, the prize will be shipped free of charge!
6. You can get free play tickets with a log-in bonus or for some events!

■ Notice ■
In the game, we distribute the video and operate crane game machines in real time.
If your internet connection is not stable, some failures might occur, such as the video doesn’t appear, you cannot make a reservation, or the operation of the crane game machine might be slower.
This game is an online crane game app. Please enjoy the real crane game with a good internet connection.

TOKYO CLAW MACHINE: Crane Game Screenshots