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About Bloom: CBT Therapy & Journal

BLOOM - #1 SELF-THERAPY APP, powered by AI
Bloom teaches you to be your own therapist with self-guided video classes that help you learn and practice therapy tools & techniques designed by leading therapists. Bloom puts a strong emphasis on progress and measuring your mental health with its state-of-the-art mental health assessment (Bloom Score) as well as the AI-powered Daily Mood Tracking & Advice.

Self-Therapy is built on the science of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and has been designed with leading therapist & best-selling author Seth Gillihan, PhD. And it works: 75% of users feel better after each session. 98% of our users see positive improvements in their lives.
Learn tools & techniques that help teach skills to manage stress and anxiety, improve sleep, build better habits, foster stronger relationships and improve one's quality of life.

Bloom is your personalized journey to a healthy state of mind. Bloom combines digital programs, guided journaling, and emotional analysis to give you a new hyper-personalized digital therapy experience. Through guided video classes, you will learn new self-care practices to cultivate more joy, happiness, and positivity in your life. Improve your personal well-being, manage stress & anxiety and feed your emotional health.

All our classes are science-backed and bring you the latest research in mental health. Every video is designed & developed by a leading clinical therapist and best-selling author on CBT, Seth Gillihan, PhD.

Your safety & security are our #1 priorities. All journaling entries are encrypted and saved in the cloud. Nothing is seen by humans. None of your training data is shared with third-parties or outside partners.

The team at Bloom understand how helpful cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) can be for folks who need to improve their mental well being. We focus on teaching about CBT because outside research shows, again and again, that it the most effective form of therapy to improve mental well-being for the vast majority of folks who experience symptoms of mild to moderate anxiety or depression. Studies show that patients can get the benefits of learning CBT techniques without an in-person therapist. Bloom gives users the power to learn about mental health in a guided & self-directed way at their own pace.

Bloom is considered a cheaper and more accessible option:
“Not everybody has access or can afford a therapist. This is like a therapist in my pocket. Personalized but still private.”
“I love that I can do it at my own time and I don’t have to feel awkward talking to a stranger about my life.”
“It’s an easy and private discrete thing, no one even has to know!”

CBT can help people with depression by giving you tools to challenge the negative thoughts and override them with more realistic and positive thought processes. CBT is also used to help many more psychological problems. In some cases, other forms of therapy used at the same time may be recommended for best results. Self-Therapy is best for people with mild to moderate mental health problems. If you experience severe anxiety or depression, Bloom can be a great add-on to therapy, however we do recommend speaking with a professional in severe situations.

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