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About Nonogram 4·8·3: Game

Will you dare to crack our thrilling nonograms? Hone your logic skills anytime, anyplace with easy-to-learn, hard to master number grid puzzles.

Nonograms are also known by many other names, including Paint by Numbers, Picross, Logic Art, Griddlers, Logic Square, Picture Logic, Japanese Puzzles, Picma, Pic-a-Pix, PrismaPixels, Hanjie and more.

Beat daily challenges & discover the secret pixel art pictures!


● 10 000+ PUZZLES: a huge amount of new content!
● 'EPISODES': a challenge game where you travel around the world by solving nonograms with thematic content.
● 3 DIFFICULTY: easy, medium or hard.
● AUTO DIFFICULTY: select and forget - the challenge and fun will find you.
● 2 GAME MODES: relaxing 'Classic' and challenging 'Moves' that keeps you mind sharp at maximum.
● DIFFERENT SIZES: up to 10x10 (extended on demand for larger device screen)
● HANDY CLUES: hints help you progress when you stuck.


– Select the difficulty level you prefer or switch to “auto” difficulty mode.
– The figures above the column mean the number of squares should be colored from top-to-bottom.
– The figures to the left of the rows mean the number of squares should be colored from left-to-right.
– If you have decided that the square should not be colored, mark it with an X.

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