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4.6 out of 5

About SP!NG

Experience the zen and skillful world of SP!NG.
With only one touch, flow through hundreds of hand-crafted levels.
Unlock new themes that change the look and feel of your experience.
Earn new characters and perfect levels to unlock new challenging modes.

* 500+ levels (and more to come)
* Daily challenges & new ways to play
* 7 themes with unique soundtracks by award-winning composer Stafford Bawler
* 75 unique characters to unlock
* Lots of Achievements

From the team that brought you No Way Home, Moving Out, Thumb Drift and One More Line.

About the name:
SPiNG? NO, it's SP!NG!! not SPING or SPIN... or SLING.
Combining the words Spin and Swing and then throwing a ! in the middle because we thought it'd be cool! But pro-tip don't use ! in your games name.

SP!NG Screenshots