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About Cards, Universe & Everything

Battle anything from across the universe! Let King Arthur wield Excalibur against Thor and mighty Mjolnir; set a T-Rex loose on an African Elephant; or pair up Einstein with a Zombie to take on a Pug, a Hamburger, and the Charter of the United Nations. Yes, this game will take you places you never intended to go.

Of course like all good TCG and CCG games the concept is simple to understand, but it's the layers of preparation, strategy and devious tactics against your opponent that make all the difference.

Cards, the Universe and Everything, CUE Cards for short, is designed for the ever-curious with a taste for the absurd. Each glorious card is brimming with fascinating nuggets of knowledge, facts and trivia. For example did you know Manatees use flatulence to stay buoyant or that African Pygmy Hedgehogs like to cover themselves in spit when they smell something new? (If you did then give yourself a gold star, but with over 4000 cards already, the chances are you won’t know everything… yet.)

When we say everything in the universe we mean it, sure we might be a few trillion trillion things off completely fulfilling our promise, but we’re getting there. There’s an ever-growing collection of cards covering anything and everything; Space Travel, Dinosaurs, Nebulae, Greek, Roman and Norse mythology, Samurai, the Honey Badger, the Sun, Leonardo Da Vinci, Elephants, Celestial Objects, Kings and Queens, Bugs, Sharks, and so much more across Science, Technology, Arts & Culture, Natural History, Paleontology and History.

Gather together a collection of your favourite things, build an all conquering deck and then duel it out against other players from around the world in thrilling arenas. Combine cards to creative crazy combos like Quantum Leap and Ace of Spies, Gently beating your opponent into submission to gain famous victories and shoot up the leaderboard and leagues.

CUE Cards is packed full of features including:

Become the Best TCG/CCG Player
• PVP battles - Duel it out with friends and foes
• Trading - Trade your cards with anyone
• Deck building - Build the best deck for the current league rules or custom games
• Thrilling arenas themed around collections

Build your collection
• New cards every day
• Card Crafting - Use secret recipes to get special cards
• Fusion - Fuse your duplicate cards to make all new powerful cards

In-game rewards
• Quests & Achievements - Hundreds of in-game quests
• Collect trophies and climb the leaderboard
• Game progression with XP to get even more rewards

Always exciting
• Weekly Leagues
• Weekly events
• Daily rewards and card giveaways
• Beautiful cards on everything all featuring unique art, digestible facts and wonderful trivia.

While that’s all sinking in, why don’t you just download CUE and give it a try!

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