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About Reel Time by Chatbooks

Reel Time is an app that selects fun videos stored in your camera roll and strings them together (at random) for an endless video stream of family fun. This free memory generator is an activity that requires zero prep and absolutely no clean-up (isn’t that just music to your ears?). Enjoy it sitting on the couch with your kids or tap through your fave video memories while hiding from them in the closet.

Reel Time features include:

• At-random video curation from your camera roll (including any Boomerangs you may have downloaded once upon a time)
• Tap and hold to show date and location of when and where video was filmed
• Capability to Airplay

And people are loving how Reel Time makes screen time worth it…

“I use the Reel Time app during those little in-between moments when my little one needs a distraction. Best of all, it’s screen time that I don’t have to feel guilty about because it’s all our own memories.” —Tom

“When I first tried Reel Time, I got sucked in to the old videos of my kids looking so little (I even discovered a bunch of videos that my youngest son took without me knowing!). Once the kids started to watch, they were hooked. We’ve laughed so much over these little memories that we had totally forgotten about, or just never re-watched (because they were stuck on my phone).” —Erin

“Before using this app, my kids didn't really see many of the videos I took of them. Now, they can’t stop watching them! Reel Time sparks fun, family conversations and we get to relive these sweet, small memories again and again. And, most of all, it’s screen time that I know is safe.” —Ashlee

“I gotta admit, I was skeptical of the app, and then I downloaded it and had so much fun! It was so sweet to see my daughter as a little newborn baby and to see how much she's changed in such a short time. I had forgotten about so many little moments and it was so special to see them all strung together for me.” —AB

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