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About Keyboard Fonts++ Text Changer

Add hundreds of unique fonts to your messages & posts! Make them stand out and look amazing. 5 MILLION users. Features: auto-paste, color themes, symbols, kaomojis, text decorators...

The app is perfect for social media, text messages, posts and stories: it’s compatible with Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, Messages, Facebook, WhatsApp, Roblox, Clubhouse, Telegram, Signal, Twitter and many more! Make your iPhone home screen pop with cool fonts.

Your friends will be able to see the fonts even if they do not have the app installed!

So what are you waiting for? Unlock the magic of creativity and download Keyboard Fonts++ today!

Why is this app the BEST app and keyboard for fonts and aesthetics?
• Fonts & aesthetics: we have a VERY large collection of fonts and we regularly add new ones to create the largest collection of custom fonts available.
• Numbers and accents: many of those fonts also have custom numbers, and every font supports all accents (é, í, ñ,...). Just long-press the key, like on your normal keyboard.
• Colors: we have created a way for you to change the color of your keyboard to dozens of beautiful themes. Give your phone a unique look!
• Symbols and kaomojis: we have thousands of symbols that your friends don’t have access to with their standard iOS emoji keyboard.
• Auto-paste: do you frequently send the same messages to your followers? Save your most used texts and access them in one tap, right from your keyboard.
• Text decorators: do you want to make your posts even more fancy? Thanks to our custom text separators and title underlines, your posts will be unique and gorgeous. You can visually split your posts into sections using our artistic separators, created from symbols, or underline important titles using our aesthetic underlines.
• We support dozens of keyboard languages and layouts, and we keep adding new ones.
• We are a small and reactive team: if you email us for help or suggestions, we answer really quickly. We are always working on new features and try to release them every few days, so that this app keeps being amongst the best in the industry.

Add a touch of personality to all of your texts, social media posts, and more. If you're looking for a way to make your texts stand out, Keyboard Fonts++ is the perfect app for you!  You can use a different font for each social network. After all, every story is unique and deserves the coolest font. You can use hundreds of unique fonts to express yourself, and change the way your text and stories look and make them more interesting.

You can also customize your keyboard and choose the color you like best. How cool is that? Your friends will be able to see the fonts even if they do not have the app installed!

So get the app today and start expressing yourself in new and unique ways!

Remember to email us if you have any idea of feature request!

Take care, the team at Cosmic Taps

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