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Baby & Mom Idle Life Simulator

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About Baby & Mom Idle Life Simulator

Welcome to this life simulator game! Grow up alongside your character and level up in life. Take on the challenge of soon-to-be parenthood, prepare the future dream room and upgrade it from A to Z.
Make the story of your life in this fantastic growing-up game.
Ready to become a parent? Download Baby & Mom Idle 3D Simulator today, and let’s get going.

All characters and events depicted in this simulation game are fictitious and are not based on real people or events. We created this game just for fun, not for medical purposes. Names, characters, places, events, and processes featured in the game are the products of the developer’s imagination. There is no exact similarity to real pregnancy processes, baby appearances, or a real-life pregnancy. Any similarity to actual persons is purely coincidental. Any resemblance to women’s pregnancy processes and the following child’s delivery is entirely fictional.

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