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About Clipchamp

Clipchamp is a Microsoft company.

Create videos made for mobile in minutes – no experience needed. Record clips, set video duration, automate captions, make easy edits, and customize your video content with unique fonts, colors, filters, and even your own logo.

Clipchamp empowers everyday editors to:
• Resize - change the aspect ratio, easily reposition, rotate and zoom in on clips.
• Capture content – upload videos or record in real-time in the app.
• Set video duration – make sure your clips are perfectly-timed for popular platforms by setting a 15s, 60s, or 3m video duration.
• Automate captions – With a simple tap, turn speech into text to transcribe your video.
• Edit captions – easily change your caption text to make sure spelling is spot on or fill an empty caption with custom text.
• Customize captions – change caption font, color, and placement to make your mobile video stand out.
• Make easy edits – Trim and split videos in seconds using Clipchamp’s quick video editing tools.
• Add text - highlight important messages by adding text anywhere on your video.
• Add filters – perfect your video or add an artistic touch using Clipchamp’s range of video filters.
• Build your brand – Add your own logo or watermark to a video and customize its placement.

Clipchamp focuses on making captioning videos simple. Why? Now, more than ever, mobile videos are being watched on silent, and we don’t want your message to get muted. Lights, camera, caption – it’s time to start creating your video content.

If you’re enjoying Clipchamp, leave us a rating and review in the App Store so others can join in on the fun. Likewise, if you experience any issues or want to send us feedback, contact us via “Ask a question” in the app.

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