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About Healthy Together

Healthy Together unifies the objectives of government programs and the needs of residents into a single platform, ensuring the efficacy of health and human services initiatives and health equity for residents.

Lab Results
- Get real-time test results delivered in-app
- Complete digital contact tracing interviews
- Share health records digitally with your doctor

Health Records
- Store immunizations and health records all in one place
- Connect to the Department of Veterans Affairs for real-time health records

- Get public health announcements through in-app notifications
- Stay informed on the latest guidelines from your state, company or university

Provider Sites
- Find nearby health resources
- Schedule appointments 
through the in-app map
- Access testing, vaccine and appointment information

User Data, Privacy & Security
- Users are in full control of their personal data and can delete their data at any time
- There is no mandate to participate in this effort, users choose to opt-in
- Data is encrypted in transit and at rest

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