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About La3eb- لاعب | Shop, Chat, Play

La3eb is a community and online store that offers everything that a gamer could possibly need, including; Gaming, Communication, Challenges, Shop, Learn, and so much more. All you need to do is to sign up and enjoy all the features and services of the app for free.

The La3eb app contains the biggest features that any gamer would be able to benefit from.

Play More: PlayMate is a feature that makes finding gaming partners simpler than ever for any game that you need a team or a partner to play, or play better.
Such as Fortnite, PUBG, Overwatch, Minecraft and so much more….

Communicate; La3eb provides Game Hubs for all games that you’re playing and interested in. Hubs give you the chance to chat and be with gamers who enjoy the same games as you. Get in and connect.

Shop; La3eb is also a huge eshop with lots of gaming gear, games and accessories. You can easily access anything you need for your gaming setup like: Gaming consoles, gaming PCs, a big collection of Monitors and TVs as well as different and rare types of gaming accessories.

Compete; Get in and sign up to weekly Tournaments by La3eb to play, enjoy and win prizes.
Discover and Learn; La3eb shows you a great display of audio and visual content of the latest gaming world news and information.

Stay connected with the pros and the gaming world, discover new games and have fun everyday!

Accept the challenge and start the game!

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