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Idle Eco Clicker: Green Planet

Ilya Kalugin
4.8 out of 5

About Idle Eco Clicker: Green Planet

Save nature! Get rid of the garbage and toxic waste in our forests, rivers, and fields. Make the planet green again!


Start your mission by simply clicking and tapping the screen to let your environmental activists collect the trash! The more you click, the faster they college the trash! Each click clears the space, every click is important.


Hire more workers, buy heavy equipment and build recycling facilities to process various garbage faster and produce pure energy! Pure energy is the most valuable currency in our game. Upgrade your treatment facilities to earn the energy faster and learn new ways to process waste.


Take part in various quests and collect gems that are necessary to buy more advanced equipment and discover new lands. Start every day with small steps to protect the Earth!


Play the clicker game offline! Resources accumulate in auto-clicker mode even when you are not playing a game! However, remember to enter the game several times a day to collect idle bonuses and achieve success faster.

Eco Clicker is not just a clicker game, but a great opportunity to change our attitude to the environmental problems that humankind is humanity will face in the near future! Don’t be ignorant! Open the clicker game, learn how to save the virtual planet, and make changes in the real world!

Take a ride on the green side. Download the clicker game now and don’t let the planet evolution stop!

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