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Dual Cat
4.6 out of 5

About Jelly Fill

On top of its unique aesthetics its aesthetics, our game offers you to solve level with soft and wobbly geometric shapes. You will need to understand their behavior and physics to pass our levels.
Your mind will be challenged as the levels gradually get harder. The solution can come from the way you position each piece and the gravity, but also from the way you perceive the level.
Jelly Fill offers a simple and accessible gameplay for everyone. Choose the right parts and rotate them to complete the level. However, as the title suggest , each piece has gelatinous physics that make it necessary to place the blocks carefully and in the right order so they do not block each other. Indeed, you must not cross the white line if you want to win. As you progress, you will then have to decide how to use pieces and make them interact to fill the various puzzles.
The game offers coins when you success so that you can unlock new environment according to your tastes. in the same way, keys will allow you to unlock new challenges pushing your thinking further. These skins and challenges can’t be bought with money and can only be obtained by playing.
Our game only exists thanks to advertisements. Ads will be present along the game, and some will allow you to increase your coins and rewards ! However, you can support us by buying our paid version (without advertisements) directly accessible from the game. That comes with a lot of coins to unlock more content.

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