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About AIR - College Recruiting

Athletes In Recruitment, or AIR, is a 3 sided sports recruiting platform connecting college coaches, student athletes and their Liaison’s (parents, guardians, high school coaches, private trainers, athletic recruiting services etc) all in one place in the pursuit of athletic development and networking within College Football. Think social like LinkedIn meets a dating app where both the athlete and coach can swipe left or right on each other to indicate their interest in each other. Athletes can finally control their own narrative while coaches can make efficient decisions based on real information.

Are you getting the exposure you need to play college ball? Do you feel like you’re falling through the cracks? Not anymore. Athletes can currently find recruiters for college football while a sports recruiter can find athletic recruits that best fit their program. Take control of your own recruiting and give yourself the opportunity to hold the microphone in your athletic journey!

Are you a parent, a trainer or coach who wants to help your future college athlete? Now you can be actively involved in the college recruiting process as their verified liaison. Emails don’t work in recruiting but warm introductions do. Recruiting within the NCAA is a relationship business, so rather than neglecting its existence, build your sports social media network!

Both recruit and coach can filter for what they want in each other. Swipe on the match that best fits what you’re looking for in your athletic and academic journey! Athletes in Recruitment takes the pain out of sports recruiting; allowing for NCAA athletic recruiting to meet athletes and connect them to college sports programs with quick and simple athlete, coach, and recruiter searching. Build your athletic recruiting resume and promote yourself to find coaches, compare yourself with your peers and have your liaison verify and endorse your talents!


- 3 sided sport social media platform seamlessly connecting Student athletes, their liaisons and college coaches
- Ability for student athletes to swipe left or right on universities
- Ability for college coaches and a sports recruiter to swipe left or right on a prospective student athlete
- Custom student athlete, coach, and liaison’s athletic resume. Highlight physical attributes, combine test results, academics, and extracurriculars to profile pages
- Better show your character off the field by connecting AIR to your social media accounts
- Parents/guardians of athletes can make custom profiles as well, showcasing their student athletes and helping them make a connection to college sports recruiting programs
- Athletes can upload 30 second highlight clips to their profile page. Continue posting highlights to keep coaches and recruiters interested over time
- Liaison’s can represent their athlete in the pursuit of athletic and academic opportunities
- View individual athletic recruits and sports recruiter profiles and engage with them directly
- Control your own narrative

Upgrade to Premium and Receive:

Student Athlete:

Increased viewability and exposure
- Advanced Analytics on engagement
- Unlimited swipes on Universities
- Have up to 5 Liaison’s represent you


- Can represent more than 3 student athletes
- Advanced viewability for represented student athletes
- Increased analytics of student athlete profiles

Download AIR and Take Control of your own College Recruiting Narrative!

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