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Cut ’em all - Blade Master

4.5 out of 5

About Cut ’em all - Blade Master

When life gives you lemons and anything else annoying, cut 'em all!!

Welcome to Cut 'em All: Blade Master 3D, a fun arcade game where all you have to do is slash, slice, and dice!

Run into an enemy castle arena and fight your way through with epic supercharged magic swords. Make perfect strikes with your razor-sharp blade!

Do maximum damage by throwing your sword blades in the air like a double-edged boomerang.

But this won't be easy: you have to dash, jump and dodge all at the same time! But if you master your moves, you'll win every dicey showdown like a PRO warrior!

Look out for enemy bosses and get ready to chop their bullets, and slice their tanks and cannons before they hit you. Show off your awesome katana skills and defeat bosses in a crazy clash to get your victory royale! Become the best enemy slicer!

Jump between battlefields and earn points by slaying entire enemy armies. Survive this fun battle and never stop slicing! Remember: a samurai and his sword are one!

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