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Aleksey Tselinko
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About Plants vs Goblins 4

In recent times, the Garden Kingdom has evolved to be a haven for the plants, since all the cold and gruesome wars with the Goblins, it had regenerated an air of harmony, flourishing the gardening art and culture. They had festivals and competitions, and the youthful saplings sang the melodies and listened to accounts of war veterans. The great number of lives laid forth by the heroic plants raised a field full of blooming red strawberries after the Battle of Peasburg, and as a tribute to the fallen heroes and to pick up their insight and power, the young green warriors sow strawberries, to grow other plants and to gain flower-like points.
The Kingdom had established good relations with the neighboring pumpkin and ginseng fields. The tremendous corn fields likewise trained their cobs with the green warriors. They welcomed the bordering forest beasty carnivorous plants into civilization. They had all pledged allegiance to the garden realm, in time of peace and war, to secure each knoll and turf, garden and nursery alike. Who knew the war wouldn't be that long to come?
The archenemy vile goblins had donned on their facade of conceit. The goblins devised the biggest artillery with the help of the shrewdest of ghouls, elves, gnomes, pixies, and ghosts. They have been plotting ever since and gathered the biggest force the world has ever seen. They hadnít left but were biding their time until they destroy all the plants from the face of the earth. With the standing army of millions of destructive armored goblins, the thick billows of war were encompassing the Garden Kingdom and the air of dread and death was stirring.
One fine morning, an immense tremor shook the grounds of the Garden Kingdom. The sky turned gloomy. The plants saw a rising tsunami and off came a Goblin Cyclop, pulverizing everything in its way. The war was declared, sirens aloud, the green warriors ready to protect. The Goblin army was something unseen before, covering every inch of sky, land, and water, with the goblin flying bombers, archers, warriors, and goblin riders. The flying goblin was back with the dynamite, which could kill all the plants within seconds. Nonetheless, the sons of the Garden Kingdom, with chlorophyll running in their veins fought with all their might, entangling and the goblins, the pumpkin cannonballs crushed the flying goblins, joined by ginseng, corn, and carnivorous plants in the onslaught. Planting strawberries helped increment the plant power yet remained the question of the dynamite.
Plants are devising ways to take and dismantle the dynamite, with every 21 plants against 17 goblins, with much more surprises and 46 new levels. Who will win? Let's play and find out.
Here's Tip: Grow more strawberries to get more rewards!

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