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About aleoBlue Lighting Controls

Lighting industry is going wireless and the number of ready-to-use products is growing rapidly. To unleash the full potential of smart lighting networks, aleoBlue provides a set of tools for commissioning and monitoring qualified Bluetooth mesh lighting devices. Using our intuitive web and iOS apps, you can customize lighting control parameters in accordance with site-specific needs and building energy codes. All of that without specialized training or lighting control expertise.

Complete the commissioning process on-site with the use of our iOS app. It allows you to add Bluetooth mesh lighting devices to a wireless network in no time. Its intuitive interface was designed to require as little work on your side as possible.


Thanks to proximity sensing, the app provides you with a list of detected lighting devices. Provision up to 5 devices at once. Using a RSSI filter, you can narrow down the list of visible luminaires to those that are the nearest


If you find it necessary, you can customize the previously selected scenario to your needs. Personalize run, prolong, and standby modes plus other lighting control parameters.


Calibrate a light sensor in accordance with the measure provided by a light meter. Adjust brightness until it reaches the desirable level and enter the value.


Test the performance of lighting control as well as the defined lighting scenes and make adjustments if needed

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