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About Smile Todo - Time Management

Harvest smiling faces with self-discipline. Even small dreams require daily effort.

The Smile List adheres to the minimalist and fresh design of Emmo Crop. There are no flashy ICONS, only a clear daily list.

There is no noisy socializing here, face yourself, know yourself.

It is very easy to punch in here. Plan your daily activities in advance. You just need to swipe right or gently press the habit, and your punch is finished.

Shake, switch different punching styles.

You can, of course, add a clock log, which will make it more intuitive when you review your schedule.

When you complete more than 60 percent of your daily habits, you get a smiley face, a nice card that you can click on and write your thoughts on the back of your life, and a cute Tracker to save or share your smile with your friends.

I can't wait to see your smiling faces. Let's work together to make a better life with a little effort and self-discipline.

About a subscription service for Smiling Todo Premium

The service is a subscription-based service, and you can choose to use it on an annual, buyout basis.

Premium (by the year) is a paid service on a subscription basis, which means you will be paid in advance for future subscription use. Currently you have the option to use the service on an annual basis. At the end of each subscription period, your subscription will be automatically renewed by default unless you cancel the automatic renewal at your own discretion or we cancel the service.

- cost:

Please check the internal page of smiling Todo for price details

- a refund:

Current subscriptions and one-time buyout fees will not be refundable. Make sure the feature service meets your needs.

- Unsubscribe:

If you want to cancel the renewal, please cancel at least 24 hours in advance. You can unsubscribe by opening System Settings - click Apple ID - click Subscribe - select Smile Todo Subscribe and unsubscribe.

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Privacy policy:

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