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Dmitry Lomakin
4.7 out of 5

About War Planes Inc WW2 Plane Games

Battle your way through a stunning World War Warplane Simulation with a unique physics-based air combat system and deep meaningful storyline.

Two fictional states begin hostilities. Is it a defense or an invasion? War and love are two intertwined storylines that transfer you to the world of the realistic war experience.

Two heroes - James, the pilot we play for, and his girlfriend, Anna, are the main characters of the game. Thanks to information screens that inform the player about real historical events (for example, Tanya Savicheva's diary) or newspaper clippings we dive deep into the world of war.

Warplane inc. has 5 different game modes:

- Campaign
- Free Mode
- Air Fight
- Air defence
- Constructor

Choose the mode and enjoy the war simulator! Upgrade your jet fighters, enjoy stunning locations and do your bombing missions! Plunge into air battles of the war, fight and be afraid of nothing!

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