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About Route Planner, MyWay, Delivery

MyWay Route Planner optimizes stops on a route to save up to 30% of your time & money.

MyWay Route Planner uses the best on the market technologies and is optimized for route planning operation efficiency. We build routes based on traffic conditions with the most up to date maps, addresses and places database from Google Maps, Mapbox, Here and OpenStreetMap combined into one route planner.

MyWay Route Planner has been built to solve all your routing problems. It works perfectly well for delivery drivers as a route optimizer, couriers, road trippers as a trip planner, and all types of drivers who need their route optimized.

MyWay Route Planner:
- Optimize routes up to 200 stops.
- Optimize routes up to 10000 miles.
- Easy to import your delivery addresses.
- Set time windows for package delivery.
- Set delivery stop priority level.
- Support for truck, motorcycle, car, bicycle, walking routes.
- Has two modes: Map and List to optimize the delivery process.
- Supports traffic jams and route conditions.
- Has proof of delivery (photo, signature, etc).
- Has delivery history.
- Has contact book.
- Has route setting (allow u-turns, side of the road, etc.)
- One-click navigation to every stop with your favourite navigation app like Google Maps, Apple Maps, Waze, etc.
- Forever Ad-free.

MyWay Route Planner is a delivery route planner optimized on a user experience and simplicity. It simplifies every aspect of courier delivery and the parcel delivery process. It is not just an app to optimize your route plan - it optimizes all operations you perform as a delivery driver.

MyWay Route Planner is the best app If you drive for a living. You will be saving 30% of your expenses daily regardless of the type of delivery business you are in. It works for delivery drivers, couriers, truck drivers, uber drivers, uber eats drivers, courier companies, independent delivery businesses, and others who want to plan optimized routes.

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MyWay Route Planner is the Route Planner you always have been looking for. Install it today!

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