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About Zen Color - Color By Number

Zen Color is the world's first coloring game inspired by Zen and is dedicated to bringing you the best relaxing and calming experience. Dissipate worries, relieve stress, and relax your mind. Enjoy a relaxing, peaceful, and serene time in the Zen coloring world.

Free yourself from the daily boredom and chaos. Open Zen Color anytime, anywhere, you can feel:
* You are having a cup of coffee in the morning, listening to the birds chirping around you, and watching the sunbeams shifting through trees.
* You are enjoying a relaxing tea break on a lovely afternoon, and everything feels so tranquil and pleasant.
* You are in a Japanese Zen courtyard and feel relaxed and happy as you watch the steaming teapot by your side.
Zen Color invites you to color these realistic pictures, feel a natural atmosphere, and awaken the long-lost peace and beauty in your heart.
With every tap of the color number, Zen Color brings tranquility and relaxation to your fingertips.


* Unique Zen-inspired content to help your mind focus and experience warmth and positive energy.
* Soothe the mind with listening to 60bpm background music while coloring by numbers.
* Immerse yourself in nature’s beauty and tranquility. Leave your worries behind, loosen up, and unwind!
* Relieve anxiety with unique Flow Experiences of coloring process design. Soothing categories include Calm, Focus and Zen, Affection, Happiness, and much more.

* Each painting is carefully produced by famous artists worldwide, making every artwork one-of-a-kind with supreme quality.
* A huge variety of content ensures you find the painting you like.
* Discover paintings of natural landscapes, animals, cozy lifestyles, your favorite pets, and more in Zen Color.
* Mandalas and geometric patterns help you find inner peace and harmony, allowing you to stay focused and fulfilled.

* Distinctive eye-friendly dark mode, bringing a more comfortable coloring experience at night.
* Outstanding app-using experience: leading app stability, excellent data security, and user-friendly interface.

Zen Color brings you a relaxing and peaceful coloring time in this fast-paced and noisy world.
If you want to relax and find inner peace through coloring, head to Zen Color now! It is a good choice for unwinding and spending time! It is a delightful coloring game and a fun picture book that helps people to find the quiet moments in life.

Come and take a 10-minute break to discover inner peace, fulfillment, love, and happiness.
It's time to enjoy this calm and relaxed trip of Zen Color.

Contact us: zencolor_support@kidultlovin.com
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