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About On/Go

Welcome to On/Go
Enjoy delightful health & care with On/Go! We've expanded our solutions to provide even more great ways to get healthy, and stay healthy and happy wherever you are.

COVID relief made simple
Get award winning COVID testing and rapid treatment when applicable for all known variants. Get reliable test results in minutes wherever you are, rapid access to expert guidance, and when appropriate, treatment sent instantly right to your doorstep.

LEAN - sustainable weight loss & control
LEAN offers personalized and easy to use weight control programs and medications, backed by the latest science and habit sustaining techniques and overseen by our trusted medical experts.

Sniffles - your quick fix for whatever’s got you sniffling
Sniffles by On/Go is your instant solution to help you, your family, friends, colleagues and loved ones feel better much faster. Sniffles provides quick access to highly effective treatments and trusted medical experts here to help you diagnose, treat, and fix sniffles rapidly.

Why On/Go?
- Trusted: Successfully used by over 100 million people and overseen by our top medical experts
- Sustainable: Integrating scientifically validated habit-sustaining techniques to help you maintain lasting health changes
- Easy: Everything you need right at your fingertips in our highly-rated award winning app.

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