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About Bingo Duel Cash Win Real Money

◆ One of the BEST Bingo games that pay REAL MONEY! ◆

Bingo Duel Cash offers fast pace real money bingo tournaments with different bingo skill level to compete in. Players in the same tournament will get the same set of Bingo cards and balls, this ensures that every real money bingo game is fair and skill-based. Special Boost sets help getting Bingo and Blackout Fast and Fun! Come up with brilliant strategy and tactics to win REAL CASH today!

Key Features:
• Win real money tournaments. Player with highest score win BIG. Earn money playing games!
• Fair competition and player-matching powered by Skillz™.
• Different cash game mode. Play in 1v1 mode or multi player tournament mode!
• 10+ different Bingo Boosts to choose from. Equip yourself with different boosts set to win Bingo and the ultimate Blackout!
• 50+ Game Themes to unlock throughout the bingo journey. Each theme has awesome music, graphics and animations!
• Compete in Leaderboards. Win trophies and make money along the way.
• Multi-Card Mode. Play multiple bingo cards with speed and focus to win real cash!
• Amazing loyalty program! Earn loyalty points for the bingo games that you play even if you lose!
• Secure deposit using PayPal or Credit Card.
• Prize tournaments are not enabled in the following states: AR, CT, DE, LA and SD. If you don't live in a real prize-enabled region, you can still play for fun with our virtual currency.

- If you like Blackout, Tour, Crush, Aloha, Story, Bash, Clash, Holiday, Tycoon, Pop, Showdown, Frenzy or Blitz Bingo – you'll LOVE Bingo Duel Cash!

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