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DRAFTYS Technologies Inc.

About Draftys

DRAFTYS is a short video social media app dedicated to sports! Athletes post introductions and highlights of themselves to garner interest from recruiters world wide! Our robust user profiles have allowed us to create an advanced search function making it easier for coaches, recruiters or talent acquisition groups to find the athlete they are looking for!

We are strictly sports related! DRAFTYS is constantly being monitored for illicit content to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all viewers. We want people to be inspired by what’s being posted, not offended!

When you’re creating your profile on DRAFTYS you’ll be asked to fill out certain fields to populate your profile. These fields allow us to refine an advanced search function to help you get discovered!

When using DRAFTYS, you’ll be able to view countless videos within the sports field! The more videos you watch/like/share, the more related content the app will show you!

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