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Dinosaur Coding 2: kids games

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About Dinosaur Coding 2: kids games

Drive mechas and fight enemies alongside T-Rex!

Travel to mysterious islands and help to protect the environment!
Drag the command blocks to control the mecha and fight against the opponents. Obtain mysterious energy cubes to defeat the enemies one by one; help T-Rex win the battle and protect the natural environment of the island!

With vivid coding blocks, even non-readers can learn to program!
No need to type codes; kids can program just by dragging the blocks. Well-designed dynamic icons without text are easy for kids to understand. Drag, arrange, and click; programming is as simple as playing building blocks!

8 different kinds of enemies: you observe and find their flaws!
Enemy guards shoot in a straight line, so don't walk in front of them. Enemy patrols move back and forth; take action quickly when they turn around. Lightning enemies are surrounded by thunder, so be careful when standing above or below them.

18 awesome mechas, gorgeously transformed into battle forms!
Fight with courage and protect your homeland! Drive mechas to prevent enemies from cutting down trees in the forest, destroying igloos under snow mountains, dumping sewage on the beach, destroying ore in mines, causing desert rocks to collapse, and raising explosive volcanic eruptions.

Six fantastic islands and 144 challenging levels!
Drive the mecha and strike out immediately! Confront the enemies in the forest and under the snow mountain; use strategy to defeat opponents on the beaches and in the mines; fight against two enemies in the desert and volcano! Help T-Rex repel the enemies and protect the island.

• Block Programming System: learn to code without typing
• Newly upgraded hint system makes it easy to resolve problems
• 18 Awesome Mechas: absorb the energy crystal to transform
• 6 Fantastic Islands: experience various climates and landforms
• 144 Thrilling Battles: defeat enemies to guard the peace of islands
• 8 Kinds of Dangerous Enemies: observe carefully to find the key to victory
• No third-party advertising
• Works offline

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