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About Lessen Pro

With the Lessen Pro mobile app managing your work orders and crews while growing your business has never been easier.

The Lessen Pro app is an application utilized by our network of service professionals to help manage work orders and streamline the onsite validation process into one simple system. It enables real-time communication and work order visibility between the Pro and Lessen. The Lessen Pro app improves the workflow process for service professionals in the following ways:
• Allows Pros to remotely accept and decline work in their area with a click of a button
• Empowers Pros to monitor the status of work order information in one place
• Eliminates back-office costs and paperwork and marketing needs on every work order
• Streamlines the quality control job completion process with a photo capture feature to ensure every service is completed to 100% satisfaction
• Enables efficient communication with an easy-to-use messaging feature that connects technicians with Lessen and reduces the need for time consuming follow-up calls and emails

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