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4.5 out of 5

About Metal Suit:Superhero Simulator

Alarm! Earth is under aliens’ attack! Humanity is on the verge of extinction! The world needs an iron hero! Become an avenger to guard the safety of humanity. Put on your iron suit and fight for freedom in the new superhero join & clash hero simulator! You’re the iron hero and the life of humanity depends on you. Create a marvel yourself!

How much do you like fighting games? Or better ask how much do you like fighting? Try out the new Endless survival mode and we’ll see! Match up super hero suit for future fights. Hordes of enemies, marvelous champions, aliens and other powerful heroes in the miraculous and harsh clash. Try to survive as many waves as you can and get bonuses for every killed enemy.


You have only 30 seconds to prove you are a superhero and to win your foes. Whoever dare to stand in your way – must be defeated! You are an iron hero and that’s it! You shall just not die.


Start your superhero adventure by crafting a real iron suit. Buy new parts and mighty Elemental Stones to unlock unique superpowers for future fights in your iron suit. Create a collection of suits to your personal taste. Train your fighting skills in Endless Survival and Just don’t Die modes. It’s only this iron suit that will save you in the epic battles!


Show the superhero league who you are.Your metal suit is your own business. Dozens of designs are here to reflect your personal taste and individuality. Show them all what style looks like!


Every epic battle you’ve seen in the movies is nothing compared to what you are going to face in this game! There are thousands of enemies deployed on Earth – you need all your fighting superhero skills to win the mass battles! Prove you are powerful enough to be called an iron hero! Become the leader of Earth’s defenders!


The more parts of the iron suit you could get going through a location intact, the more spare parts you have to build a MEGABOT! Don’t let enemies leave a scratch on your super hero iron suit in these epic crowd battles!


Are you ready to meet the mighty villain aliens? Okay, give everything you’ve got then! Tap tap tap fast and don’t leave your enemy a chance to beat you! Mash them up! You are the Iron hero!

Why you’ll love this metal suit fighting game:

- Awesome fighting gameplay
- Unique superpowers
- Pvp arena, endless survival and just don’t die modes
- New everyday missions
- Tons of upgrades
- Fun boss battle mechanics
- Simple controls
- Bright graphics

So, what are you waiting for? Iron hero, they need you! Become an avenger to guard the safety of humanity! Create an invincible iron suit to free the world from invaders! Download Iron Suit: Superhero Simulator action game now for free and start the epic battle game!

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