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Jumbline: Word Puzzle Game

Brainium Studios LLC
4.8 out of 5

About Jumbline: Word Puzzle Game

Blast off to adventure with Jumbline, the brand new word jumble game from Brainium! Explore the universe by solving puzzles in two game modes that are sure to expand your vocabulary and sharpen your puzzle solving skills. Pilot your way through increasingly difficult word puzzles, challenge yourself with our daily game, and unlock boosts to aid you in your space adventure.

Enjoy smooth gameplay and beautifully designed levels while you navigate your way through cosmic regions. Customize your spacecraft and earn or purchase coins to unlock boosts to help you complete missions. Jumbline is a fun and rewarding word game that has been thoughtfully designed to bring a unique twist on classic word jumble games.

With an easy-to-learn mechanic and two fun game modes to play, Jumbline is the new word puzzle game you’ve been looking for. Get in your spacecraft and prepare for launch!

Jumbline by Brainium Features:

• Enhance your vocabulary at your own pace as you progress through levels of difficulty
• Challenge yourself with our daily puzzle “Warp Speed”
• Play and complete fun and challenging word puzzles
• Track your progress with in-app game statistics
• Earn achievements as you navigate the cosmos
• Relax with beautiful environments, custom sounds, and other user-friendly settings

• Customize your spacecraft for a unique experience
• iPhone and iPad support
• Play in Portrait on iPhone and Portrait or Landscape on iPad

• Earn powerful Boosts to help you through challenging puzzles
• Shuffle letter tiles to find challenging words! Shuffle is always free to use as many times as you want
• Hints reveal one letter in the puzzle at random. Hints can be purchased using Coins
• Lasers zap and reveal a specific letter of choice in the puzzle. Lasers can be purchased using Coins
• Torpedos blast and reveal five letters at random. Torpedos can be purchased using Coins

Brainium has been producing world class card games, word games, and logic puzzles for over a decade.
Our focus is to provide players with games that are visually stunning, easy to use, and incredibly fun to play. Download Jumbline by Brainium today!

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