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About Carrot - Save, Shop, Deal Hop

Carrot is the best place in the universe to save a ton of money on your next shopping haul, make your wishlists, and bump into amazing styles and trends curated by other users!

The internet calls Carrot “the Pinterest of shopping” which we think fits perfectly. If that’s what’s missing in your life, then keep reading or just go ahead and install!

Carrot brings independent voices in style, fashion, & beauty together to share the best product finds with the world. Build your influence, share your aesthetic and finds, and even create a monthly recurring income stream as a curator.

Carrot is the internet's premier shopping app that's designed to let you:
• Find the best prices for products with our Safari extension enabled! A.I. finds you up to 90% off deals, it's wild!
• Keep track of and organize your shopping, so you never have to worry about losing an incredible find again! It's a super-wishlist that works across the web.
• Keep your eye on all those great products you find in online stores or apps like Instagram and TikTok and buy when ready.
• Break up with screenshots, endless open tabs, and messy links. Just send it to Carrot from anywhere with a tap!
• Sync all your mobile and desktop shopping with Carrot's Chrome extension. You might be surprised at how often you shop on your computer!
• Visualize all your window shopping to help you plan when to buy.

Happy shopping!

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