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Battery Low - Fun Game

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About Battery Low - Fun Game

Tap on time to charge your phone and deliver it to the charge point! It's a perfect time to save the low battery and your phone too!

The Mobile phone is out of battery, and you have a zillion ways to put it on the charger! Just tap on time and aim at the target!

Make a clear strategy before you make your move, you don't want to break your phone!

Throw it and deliver it precisely to the charger at the perfect time! You are the one that controls the moves!

But, be careful, you don't wanna hit an obstacle because that way you will lose and won't get to the charge point!

Explore different ways to achieve the level's goal by taking action at the perfect time!

Use your logic to create a good strategy to plug all the devices on a charger at the same time before you see the battery low sign.

Become the repair master when you tap on time and save your phone and other devices from turning off. Get new cool phone cases every time you win!

The only problem is, will you be able to tap on time and deliver it to the charge point? You have to, it's a perfect time for phone charging!

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