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Hit & Run: Solo Leveling

Supercent, Inc.
4.8 out of 5

About Hit & Run: Solo Leveling

HIT AND RUN : Solo Leveling is a runner game full of action like you've never seen before!

“Am I the only one who can level up in this game?!”
You are the stickman warrior who needs to save a town from epic evil monsters! The only way to defeat them is to level up yourself!
All you have is a pair of blades, and you need to defeat every enemy that blocks your path. Would you take this hard and long trip to save towns and challenge the enormous boss?

HIT, SLAP, SLASH! Do everything you can. All you do to smash obstacles is JUST SWIPE! Nothing can stop you!

Get out of my way! Defeat all the enemies that blocks in your way! Every time you slash them, your levels will go up. However, not all enemies you encounter along the way can be defeated. Choose an opponent you can defeat by making smart choices based on your level. Keep it up and try to reach the highest level!

There are not only enemies on the track. Avoid traps and tricks along the way and choose a safe path. If you are lucky enough, you may encounter a portal that speeds up leveling or gives you gems. Explore various elements in the game through mysterious portals.

The final boss at the end of this road will be another level of your obstacles. If you can't blow up the boss, you can't save the village. Defeating the final boss will require smart choices along the way. Will you be able to overcome all the obstacles and even the giant and strong boss?

This fun action runner game will amaze you! You can experience action RPG fun and easily from this dynamic adventure runner. Challenge yourself, test your agility, and see how far you can level up right now!

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