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Monster House - Horror Defense

Aloha Factory
4.8 out of 5

About Monster House - Horror Defense

"Defend against enemies rushing through the house!

Monster House is an easy and simple defense game to defeat enemies by placing traps and monsters in houses.
Win the battles and earn rewards by strategically positioning and upgrading obstacles!
Monster game requires strategic plays but also with some element of luck, is designed as an immersive and an enjoyable game to play.
Show off your own play styles by combining various types of traps and monsters with different performance levels.

Monster house features
Strategic play style by deploying various traps
Strategically place various types of traps such as beds, dinosaur bones, ghosts, carpets and more!
It's fun to watch the results of the play by observing and taking consideration of the enemy's paths, trap locations, and trap properties!

Various Monster Objects
Monsters in our Monster games have a variety of characteristics/strengths/attributes such as how they are placed, attack ranges, and damage ranges.
Target the monsters using their characteristics and efficiently defend your enemies!
You can feel the excitement of destroying your enemies with the strategy deployed by yourself.

Create a powerful monster
Collect card pieces and level up to strengthen your monster!
By merging monsters you can create more powerful monsters.

Challenge yourself on the Monster games World map mode.
Try the World Map Mode and fight your enemy at the Houses of the World!
Clear the map to acquire monster cards and draw monster cards from the collection to achieve a new monster.

As you learn from playing the game, you will experience the fun and intense immersion that comes from strategic choices you make.
Play the monster house defense game with your defense strategy!
See you in monster house now!"

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