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About Fallen Frontline

[Please be our leader to survive this world!]

In year 119 of the old Ouro calendar, the violent and frenzied machine lifeforms dubbed "Ruin Machina" wreaked brutal destruction. Humans' last shelter is at stake. Lead your legions in the search for the hope of survivals and the truth of war.

***Armageddon x Beauty Commanders***

Immersive fantasy post-apocalyptic wasteland storylines and 100+ exquisite original artworks. Establish your bond with hundreds of beauty commanders with distinctive personalities. Work together to expose the conspiracy behind the war.

***Build Legions x Defeat Enemies***

Fight alongside allies to defeat World BOSS together and occupy the Spacetime Relic. Have fun in PVP and PVE battles at will.

***Card Duel x Multiple Tactics***

Collect cards with unique skills and build your deck to discover infinite strategic possibilities. Be the best strategist and create your personalized card line-up.

***Idle System x Rewards Bonus***

Idle rewards system helps you to collect 24h resources even when you're offline, which will make your team invincible!

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