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5.0 out of 5

About Depth

• Use the Depth app for recreational underwater activities to 40m (130ft), from snorkeling, and free diving, to simply playing in a swimming pool

• See your current depth, water temperature, duration under water as well as the maximum depth you’ve reached to 40m (130ft)

• Choose to automatically activate as soon as you are submerged, or simply tap on the Depth app to launch

• Session logs are stored on Apple Watch Ultra for seven days before disappearing from Ultra, and permanently stored into the Fitness app in iOS for review

• Each depth session in iOS has a dive summary, including: underwater time, maximum depth, water temperature, a graphical representation of depth during the session, as well as a map with GPS entry point and pertinent weather at the time. Tap on the depth graph for a more comprehensive view with details of the depth and water temperature during the session. Tap on the map for an expanded view of the region where the session was entered.

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