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Tiny Auto Shop 2: Car Mechanic

By Aliens L.L.C - F.Z
4.7 out of 5

About Tiny Auto Shop 2: Car Mechanic

If you want to work with fast cars, you gotta work FAST!

Open your own car mechanic garage and learn to work at absolute full throttle to service as many cars as you can!

Manage your auto shop team of car mechanics and let no client or car down! Fix everything from billionaire’s sports cars to your neighbor’s minivan, offer the best car wash services and install only the best auto parts in your growing garage and car tuning business!

Get your tools ready and open your car wash garage now!


RUN your own auto car garage and car wash business like a real life mechanic! Learn to work fast and skillfully to fix all kinds of machines (even if it's a minivan with old auto parts!) in a thrilling car tuning experience and get clients ready to burn the asphalt with their rides!

MANAGE your team of auto car mechanic experts and strive for perfect client satisfaction levels to keep advancing through the challenging levels and build your car garage reputation! Do you have the time management skills?

UPGRADE your car wash and car tuning workstations to use the best auto parts in your garage services and learn to optimize your shop to tune up a minivan, bus or sports car with the same speed and car mechanic skill!

DRIFT on your feet as you burnout all your fuel and nitro to keep up with your car garage customers demand!

If you want your car carage and car wash auto shop to be sought after by the most famous masters of the asphalt, you'll have to learn how to manage your car mechanic team so they can use their time and fix cars with auto parts in the best way possible!

Tap the screen as fast and the swiftest asphalt burners and be mind yuur curtomers unique car tuning and mechanic needs! Be they owners of a minivan or a fancy italian racing machine, you'll have to know how to fix and tune everything with the best auto parts available in your car garage!

Dash, drift, fix and burnout all that nitro-fueled auto mechanic business ambition until you have the most famous car mechanic garage among asphalt racing masters!

Your car tuning legacy starts now!

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