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Save Simbachka

Pimpochka Games TOO
4.8 out of 5

About Save Simbachka

Save Simbachka is a casual puzzle game. You draw lines with your finger to create a wall that protects Simba from bees and other dangers. You need to protect Simba with a painted wall from all dangers for a few seconds, hold out and you will win the game. Use your wits to save Simba the cat.

How to play:
1. Paint of the screen to create a line to protect Simba;
2. As long as you don't let go of your finger, you can always draw a line further until the ink runs out;
3. You can release your finger and finish drawing the line there if you think that it will protect Simba;
5. Wait the specified time on the level so that the bees fly away;
6. Hooray! You have passed the level!

Game Features:
1. Different enemies;
2. Many bright and beautiful levels;
3. Simba's funny expressions;
4. Various hats worn by Simba;
5. Posters in place that unlock new hats.

Good luck and have fun playing!

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