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About Racing Track Star: 3D Car game

Are you a mean, lean, racing machine, at least when it comes to motorsports games? In GAME you’ll be the manager of a team of racecar drivers, involved in training members, upgrading gear and cars, and, of course, winning. Speed towards victory with your dream team now!

If you’re a fan of F1, come dive into the world of race car driving as you steer your team to victory. To do so you’ll need to strategically upgrade vehicles and train drivers so that everyone performs their best on race day. Collect medals and enjoy the scenery along the way as you become the best racing boss this world has ever known.
Key Features:
CAN I TALK TO THE MANAGER? – Thankfully you won’t have to deal with any Karens in this game, as you’re the one calling the shots for the whole team. Instead of being a classic racing game where you’re behind the wheel, here you’re in charge of preparing everything from start to finish, which hopefully includes a medal for first place at the end. Once you’ve assembled a dream team and crew you’re all set to make a name for yourself in the racing world!

ON YOUR MARK… GET SET… UPGRADE! – It’s you who calls the shots here, so now’s your chance to make sure everything is maxed out and there’s no chance that you’ll lose. Make sure your team of drivers gets the appropriate training that each individual needs, and that the cars are fully upgraded and ready to go for race day. With tons of great options for upgrades and customizations, you’ll leave boredom behind in the dust.

NEED FOR CREATIVITY – Customization is the name of the game here; you have complete control over all sorts of aspects of the game, especially your racing car. Take advantage of that and make sure your car really stands out so you can admire it as your driver races through the course at top speed. And of course if something doesn’t sit right, you can always come back and tweak it for the next race – anything in the name of winning!

SLEEK CARS AND GRAPHICS – Enjoy sleek graphics and fun animations that really bring your driving team and work to life. The tiny cartoon cars are enjoyable to watch, plus the stunning 3D graphics really up the ante as your driver vies for first place on the track. With gameplay this fun you’ll easily be able to spend hours immersed in the GAME world.

Now it’s time to put pedal to the metal and leave your competition in the dust as you prove once and for all who has the best driving team in GAME. By carefully assembling your team of drivers and keeping their cars in tip-top shape through upgrades and customization, you’ll be the talk of the town and the ultimate racing manager. So what are you waiting for, download GAME now and go for broke!

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