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Emel Yildiz
4.3 out of 5

About CubeFps

Looking for the best pixel survival shooters? collect, plunder, and chase down opponents! But be careful for the contracting zone, it does you major harm! Shoot from pixel weapons, AK-47, shotgun weapons and more.

- Lots of skins
- Diverse craft graphics for weaker devices
- Many weapon types
- In-game non-stop action shooter
- Gigantic map
- Simple, easy to use controls

CubeFps isn't your conventional shooting game. This amusement is full with weapons, guns and gigantic action. Bounce into the field together with your friend and construct your armory fortification before the battleground. Upgrade your shooting ability with your weapon choice and skin.

Survive your way to the win! A perfect opportunity to illustrate your skills to them, what you precisely are made of and how ready you are to defeat them. You've got distinctive weapons like Handgun, SMG, Rifle, Kalashnikov, and Shotgun to wipe out your enemies. Beware because everyone has an opportunity for survival and you can get hurt. Battle up to your best level and get to be the final man existing.

The realest CubeFps game on your phone! Island survivor with crazy graphics. The front line is always changing and contracting, it's a race against the clock!

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