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Jewish Trivia + Sudoku! This Trivia/Sudoku hybrid consists of the standard Sudoku 9-by-9 grid with 9 inner sections. Numbers 1 through 9 must be filled in once per each row, column, and inner section correctly. However, in order to get the chance to fill in a single number onto the grid, a player must answer a Jewish trivia question first which will be plucked from such topics as pop culture, current events, famous comedians, Yiddish language, Jewish food, Sandy Koufax, pornography, the Talmud, and more! Every trivia question contains multiple-choice possibilities. Par exemple: The heavily mustachioed Borat is a character from the mind of this British landsman: a) Peter Sellers b) Ricky Gervais c) Sacha Baron Cohen d) Stephen Fry e) Bernie Madoff Give up? The answer is C. Veddy niiice. If you answered this correctly, you would then have the option of going back to the Sudoku grid and filling in the blank you originally tapped on with your choice of numbers 1 through 9. If you didn’t answer it correctly – Sorry! You lose the chance to fill in that blank. But . . . you do have the chance to tap on another blank to answer, yet, another trivia question. So if you’re looking for a game that tests your logic skills and your knowledge of the Chosen People, put down that yidl mitn fidl and download JewDoku on your iPhone or iPod Touch today! Your grandmother would be so proud. Finally.

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