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For enquiring minds, Best Inventions Explained tells you just that. Ever wanted to know how a computer or a rocket works? What goes on inside a microwave or how a nuclear bomb is made? Best Inventions Explained describes the inventions and inventors and use of technology to explain how many household and industrial objects work. Best Inventions Explained includes diagrams, explanation of technology and mechanical, atomic, design, digital, physical,engineering and mathematical principles. Learn about all sorts of inventions from the simple pulley and to the sophisticated laser beam. Full concepts fully explained and many interesting facts included. Ever wanted to know how things work? Amuse and educate yourself and pass your knowledge on to others. There’s something for everyone in the many different inventions and technologies covered. A great app for passing the time or for simply dipping into and discovering something fascinating for yourself! Suitable for both children and adults. Content does not require connectivity. Free access to many inventions and technologies - unlock ALL content via just ONE in-app purchase. Tile © WalkingGeek at flickr and Default.png © indiamos at flickr

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