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How good are the schools in your community? Find out with the GreatSchools Finder. Locate and map nearby elementary, middle, and high schools or search listings across the U.S. View detailed ratings, reviews, and test scores from GreatSchools - the nation's most trusted independent source of school performance information for over a decade. Now you can use GreatSchools on the go. Whether you're a parent, real estate professional, or education researcher, finding great schools is now at your fingertips. For iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Key features: • Search the latest school information for more than 125,000 K-12 schools in the U.S., including public, public charter, and private schools. • Map and compare schools for any city, based on your current location. • Filter schools by public or private, grade level, distance, GreatSchools Rating, Community Rating, or enrollment size. • Browse parent reviews, recent test scores, and district info. • Save schools to your personal list of favorites for quick retrieval later. • Share schools with family and friends. Note: This application only searches for K-12 schools within the U.S. It is available internationally for users who want to search within the U.S. For more education information from PreK-12th grade, visit:

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